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The First Electrolyte-Infused Ground Coffee

Maintaining peak performance, whether you're an avid cyclist or an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast, simply drinking water is not enough. That's a well-known fact. Shockingly, research indicates that 50% of coffee drinkers aren't getting enough hydration.

But with ElectroBrew, you don't have to choose between staying alert and staying hydrated. Our unique blend of electrolytes and premium single-origin coffee delivers both. You'll feel revitalized and energized with every sip.

Say goodbye to the negative side effects of dehydration, like fatigue and dizziness, and hello to sustained energy and endurance. ElectroBrew is the perfect addition to your workout routine or your daily grind.

Try ElectroBrew today and experience the power of hydration and coffee combined.

High Quality Ingredients in ElectroBrew Coffee 

  • Single Origin Coffees, meaning each of our coffees is produced from one producer, crop, or region in one country
  • Pharmacy Grade Compounding, to ensure pure high quality electrolytes

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The ElectroBrew Journey

Countless coffee options. Same coffee problem:

While there are countless coffee options available, they all come with the same underlying problem: coffee causes an electrolyte imbalance. While coffee drinkers and performance seekers feel more productive with a strong cup of Joe, the dehydrating effects of coffee present just as many downsides as benefits.

We set out to change that.

We at ElectroBrew set out to tackle this issue and create a solution that would transform the way people consume coffee.

We combined hydration with the energy-boosting ritual of coffee.

The result is a unique blend that overcomes the barriers to coffee consumption, allowing athletes, performance enthusiasts, and health-conscious consumers to enjoy their coffee while staying hydrated.

As athletes ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining proper hydration levels during physical activity. That's why we have developed a coffee that not only energizes but also hydrates the body, leading to positive results and better performance.

At ElectroBrew, we are proud to have created a product that allows individuals to wake up every morning feeling ready to conquer the world.

Our mission at ElectroBrew is to offer coffee with no compromise on health, on flavor, or preferred brewing method.

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